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VoiceBox Digital Wiretap Eliminates 90% of Paperwork
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Peter Modafferi
Chief of Detectives
Rockland County, NY District Attorney's Office

CTAC's VoiceBox digital wiretap system is "a real success story. The savings in manpower and other resources are truly amazing. This VoiceBox medium in my hand contains more data, easily retrieved than in all the tapes and transcripts on this table from a previous, analog wiretap, which made data retrieval a nightmare."

Captain Joe Tripodo
New York State Police

"The system is very management friendly. It puts a computer terminal and audio monitor on the supervisor's desk," says Tripodo, commander of the Rockland County Drug Task Force. Because of that audio monitor, "I have had the opportunity to personally dispatch detectives to carry out surveillance based on inprogress, taped conversations that I heard in real time while sitting at my desk doing other work. That feature of the system allowed us to save possibly crucial time–that ordinary lag–that comes between a wireroom monitor hearing something interesting and a supervisor learning of the information and acting upon it."

Malcom Atwood
Director, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs

In Oklahoma, the state's Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OKBNDD) works major cases with VoiceBox and the state narcotics agents have been making aggressive use of it since the day the system arrived. Less than three hours after delivery, VoiceBox was assembled, checked out, up and running on a very hot wire which has led to many indictments, convictions and seizures and continues to yield fresh investigative leads. "The CTAC-provided VoiceBox system makes simple and easy what used to be truly exhausting, irritating, overwhelmingly time consuming and discouraging. VoiceBox not only eliminates 90% of the paperwork, it has truly revolutionized the way we do wires. As our Wire Intercept chief said the other day, 'You're not going to get Mr. Big by buying dope from him on the corner, you're gonna have to go up on a wire, get his e-mail, his cell phone, and VoiceBox makes this task a whole lot easier!' Even police departments that in the past decided they could not afford the manpower needed to meet the broad requirements for summaries, copies to opposing counsel, etc., should rethink the desirability of doing wires—if they had VoiceBox. The system changes everything," says Atwood.

Last Updated: August 29, 2002

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