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Joint Statement from US and EU on Demand Reduction Cooperation

As agreed during the US–EU Drug Troika in Madrid in February, the US sponsored an US–EU seminar on May 13–14, 2002 to exchange information on the principles of demand reduction. The goal of the meeting, to share information among EU and US researchers and policy makers regarding the development of evidence-based demand reduction policies, was achieved with productive dialogue.

Discussion focused on scientific research on drug use and drug dependence. Leading experts in the field presented information on a continuum of topics from basic science, to clinical research, practice improvement, and the design of data collection systems to monitor progress. There were also presentations by EU delegates on the development of public education campaigns and their evaluation.

The US and EU affirm their commitment to exchange ideas and experiences in combating drug use and drug dependence. We welcome future cooperative endeavors and agree to explore opportunities to continue this new dialogue regarding the development of evidence-based demand reduction policies.

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