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Therapeutic Communities In Correctional Settings
The Prison Based TC Standards Development Project
Final Report of Phase II
November 1, 1999

Table of Contents

Entire Document in Adobe Acrobat Format (629kb).

    Foreword – Adobe Acrobat File
  1. Overview of the Standards Development Project
  2. Introduction to the Standards Development Project
  3. Phase II: Major Aims and Scope of Work
  4. Report of the Field Review: Main Findings and Recommendations
    1. Utility of the Review Protocol and Process:
    2. Utility and Revision of the Prison-Based TC Standards
  5. The Revised Prison TC Standards: Conclusion, Clarifications, and Caveats
  6. Summary Of Phase II and Plans



    1. Field Review Protocol for Assessing Compliance with TCA Standards
    2. Revised TCA Standards for TCs in Correctional Settings
    3. Phase III: Brief Overview of Aim and Workscope

    Therapeutic Communities of America (TCA) Criminal Justice Subcommittee members of the Standards Development Project

Prepared for the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) under copyright license from Therapeutic Communities of America (TCA).

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Last Updated: March 4, 2002

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