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Press Release Archive 2001


December 27, 2001
OxyContin Abuse Expanding Rapidly

December 19, 2001
New Drug Czar Targets "Unacceptably High" Rates of Drug Use Among Students

December 14, 2001
Fact Sheet: President Bush Acts to Empower Communities in the Fight Against Illegal Drug Abuse

December 12, 2001
New White House Drug Czar Makes Debut Address to 1,200 Community Drug Prevention Activists; Unveils Two New Anti-Drug Television Ads

December 7, 2001
John Walters Confirmed as Nation's Drug Czar


November 9, 2001
Acting White House Drug Policy Director to Attend U.S.-Mexico Bi-National Drug Demand Reduction Conference in Mexico City.


October 17, 2001
One in Four Children are Affected by Parental Substance Abuse

October 9, 2001
Acting White House Drug Policy Director to Give Keynote Address at the American Methadone Treatment Association Conference in St. Louis October 10th

October 5, 2001
White House Drug Policy Office and Coast Guard Announce All-Time Record Annual Maritime Cocaine Seizures

October 4, 2001
National Household Survey on Drug Abuse Shows Decline in Drug Use for 12 and 13 Year-Olds; Reinforces Parental Involvement as Crucial in Keeping Kids off Drugs


September 27, 2001
ONDCP has awarded $14.6 million to community coalitions to support local anti-drug efforts.

September 14, 2001
Office of National Drug Control Policy Aids New York Recovery and Investigation Effort

September 5, 2001
Back to School Report Shows 60% of High School Students and 30% of Middle School Students Returning to Schools Where Drugs are Used, Kept, and Sold.


August 26, 2001
Drug Czar's Chief Scientist to Announce Federal Funding for Cutting-Edge Brain Scanner at Oregon Health and Science University

August 1, 2001
ONDCP Reports Progress in The National Youth Anti-drug Media Campaign


July 30, 2001
Missouri Congressman Sam Graves to Host ONDCP Video Teleconference Discussion on Growing Use of Club Drugs

July 30, 2001
Ecstasy no Longer Just a Rave Drug: Increased Availability and Myths about Harmlessness Driving Drug into Schools and Neighborhoods

July 27, 2001
ONDCP Director to Attend 2001 Boy Scouts National Jamboree with President Bush

July 25, 2001
DAWN Survey Demonstrates Consequences of Drug Abuse

July 19, 2001
PRIDE Survey Confirms Importance of ONDCP Media Campaign and Drug Free Communities Program

July 6, 2001
ONDCP Director Edward Jurith Appointed to the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Substance Abuse


June 26, 2001
ONDCP Deputy Director Dr. Donald Vereen to Testify on Drug Free Communities Program

June 25, 2001
Symposium features latest anti-drug technologies for treatment, prevention, and enforcement

June 15, 2001
New York City Youth to Create "Anti-Drug" Mural at 21st Annual Entertainers' Basketball Classic

June 13, 2001
White House Drug Policy Director to Honor Charitable Foundation for Anti-Drug Accomplishments

June 13, 2001
White House Drug Policy Director to Deliver Keynote Address on Substance Abuse Workplace Initiatives


May 21, 2001
Multi-platinum band *NSYNC share their anti-drugs on upcoming tour


April 12, 2001
Youth Appear in National Ad Campaign

April 9, 2001
ONDCP Provides Overview of FY 2002 Drug Control Budget

April 5, 2001
Top National Drug Policy Officials in Baltimore April 4 and 6 Discuss Commitment to Treatment and Research at Second Annual Lonnie Mitchell Historically Black Colleges Substance Abuse Conference


March 29, 2001
ONDCP commends National Research Council (NRC) report calling for increased drug control research. A list of ongoing research projects, paired to the NRC report's recommendations, is attached.

March 21, 2001
ONDCP Releases "Pulse Check" on Latest "Street" Trends in Drug Abuse; Ecstasy Abuse Expanding

March 21, 2001
Seattle Press Invited to Try Latest High Tech Crime Fighting Tools

March 15, 2001
One In Five Kids Using Inhalants To Get High: Despite progress in reducing teen drug use, nearly one million youth abusing inhalants annually.


February 28, 2001
Bush Administration Requests Increases in Drug Funding For Prevention, Treatment, Interdiction, and Andean Assistance

February 5, 2001
"Family" Continues to be Kids' Number One Deterrent to Drugs

February 1, 2001
National Drug Policy Office Commends CASA Report for Confirming Critical Role of Family


January 31, 2001
OAS Nations Release National Reports on Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism

January 24, 2001
Statement by the Office of National Drug Control Policy Concerning Rand Report on Anti-Drug Budgeting

January 22, 2001
White House National Drug Policy Office Notes Sharp Decline in Production of Peruvian and Bolivian Coca Cultivation

January 19, 2001
White House Drug Policy Acting Director Jurith Calls DOD's Providing Substance Abuse "Parity" in Military Health Care System "Historic" and "Major Step"; Asserts "There Must Be No Wrong Door"

January 17, 2001
Acting White House Drug Policy Director Commends HHS on Announcment of New Federal Regulations Improving Methadone Treatment

January 10, 2001
Edward H. Jurith Named Acting Director of White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

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