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Press Release Archive 2007


December 26, 2007
Scott Burns Confirmed as Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy


November 8, 2007
New Data Show Significant Disruptions in U.S. Methamphetamine, Cocaine Markets

November 8, 2007
White House Drug Czar, DEA Administrator Release New Data Showing Significant Disruptions in U.S. Cocaine and Methamphetamine Markets


October 19, 2007
White House Deputy "Drug Czar" Announces New Federal Grant for the State of Rhode Island

October 11, 2007
New Healthcare Codes to Leverage Doctor-Patient Relationship

October 10, 2007
White House Drug Czar Heralds Results of New Jersey Random Student Steroid Testing

October 2, 2007
White House Drug Czar Releases Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy


September 24, 2007
New Hispanic Youth Drug Use Data Released; Hispanic 8th Graders Outpace Peers in Illicit Drug Use

September 13, 2007
Drug Czar Launches Anti-Meth Campaign in Washington State

September 6, 2007
Youth Drug Use at a Five Year Low, New Survey Shows

September 4, 2007
White House Drug Czar Launches New Anti-Methamphetamine Campaign


August 23, 2007
White House Drug Czar Awards $74 Million to Drug-Free Community Coalitions

August 9, 2007
Cocaine Use Declines Among U.S. Workforce


June 26, 2007
White House Announces Intent to Nominate Scott Burns as Deputy Director of National Drug Control Policy

June 19, 2007
Early Marijuana Use a Warning Sign for Later Gang Involvement

June 4, 2007
2006 Coca Estimates for Colombia


May 17, 2007
Deputy "Drug Czar" Discusses Law Enforcement in Indian Country

May 15, 2007
Federation of State Medical Boards Adopts Policy Regarding Screening and Brief Intervention

May 14, 2007
2006 Counternarcotics Assessment for Peru

May 7, 2007
ONDCP Statement Regarding Impact Report on Economic Sanctions Against Colombian Drug Cartels


April 30, 2007
Females Bucking Traditional Drug Abuse Trends

April 25, 2007
Study Finds Highest Levels of THC in U.S. Marijuana To Date

April 25, 2007
2006 Counternarcotics Assessment for Bolivia


March 12, 2007
Drug Use Among U.S. Workforce at Lowest Point Since 1988


February 20, 2007
Federal Government Issues New Guidelines for Proper Disposal of Prescription Drugs

February 15, 2007
$6 Million in New Drug Free Communities Grants Available for 2007

February 14, 2007
Teens Turn Away From Street Drugs, Move To Prescription Drugs, New Report Reveals

February 9, 2007
White House Releases National Plan To Combat Drug Use in America


January 23, 2007
White House Office of National Drug Control Policy to Host Random Student Drug-Testing Summits

January 12, 2007
ONDCP and ACCME Collaborate on Screening and Brief Interventions as Model for Continuing Medical Education

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