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Statement of John P. Walters
Director of National Drug Control Policy
Before the Senate Committee on Appropriations
Subcommittee on Treasury and General Government

"The Office of National Drug Control Policy's FY 2003 Budget Request"

April 24, 2002

V. Conclusion

In announcing the release of the National Drug Control Strategy this February, President Bush stated the Administration's view that we need to have clear goals that can be measured, that we take responsibility for achieving them, and that we explain how we will meet them. The President's statement is worth quoting in this context: "I told John [Walters] when he signed on, I'm the kind of fellow that likes to say, what are the results? I like to know, actually, are we making a difference? And so here's our goal, here's the goal by which we'll be measured -- here's the goal which I'll be measured first, and then John will definitely be measured if I'm measured. I want to see a 10 percent reduction in teenage and adult drug use over the next two years, and a 25 percent reduction in drug use, nationally, over the next five years. Those are our goals. We understand we can't do it alone here in Washington. And that's why our approach is a community-based approach. That's why we recognize the true strength of the country is our people. And we know there's thousands of parents, thousands of educators, thousands of community activists, law enforcement officials, all anxious to come together to achieve this national strategy."

We look to this Subcommittee, and indeed the entire Congress, to provide bipartisan leadership and support in this effort.

Last Updated: April 24, 2002

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