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2004 National HIDTA Program Award

Midwest HIDTA - DEA Kansas City Interdiction Task Force (KCITF)

The KCITF is multi-agency task force that targets drug trafficking organizations utilizing private or commercial modes of transportation, shipping or temporary lodging to facilitate the delivery of drugs or proceeds. The interception of drug/money couriers directly impacts Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) operating in other areas of the country.

The KCITF initiates interdiction investigations through direct support of Operation Pipeline by rapidly responding to the scene of the initial stop/arrest and relieving the road officer of the follow up investigative burden. KCITF conducts interviews, processes prisoners, coordinates all collected evidence with the appropriate DEA and HIDTA entities and presents the case to prosecutors. Reference Operation Jetway, KCITF agents recruit and maintain Confidential Sources at the Kansas City International Airport to include: Airline employees, baggage handlers, security screeners and rental car agencies and initiate investigations as needed.

The KCITF routinely responds to area hotels/motels looking for persons with prior drug history or displaying known courier characteristics. Using proven surveillance techniques, probable cause is developed and interdiction stops are made. Nearly all such operations yield useful intelligence; some have resulted in sizeable seizures of drugs and currency.

Since January 1, 2004, the KCITF initiated 73 cases, affected 87 arrests, obtained high conviction rates and seized $3,159,810 in assets. During that same time the KCITF achieved the following drug removals: 133 kilograms cocaine, 2,568 kilograms marijuana, 912 live marijuana plants, 20.5 kilograms methamphetamine, 0.92 kilograms of Heroin, 70 fluid ounces of PCP and 6,000 dosage units of MDMA. The KCITF conducted four controlled delivery operations to various cities across the country and received five controlled delivery operations into Kansas City.

Derivative Case Example

On February 13, 2004, a Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) Trooper stopped a vehicle occupied by 2 occupants on I-70 west of Topeka. During a subsequent consensual search, 12 kilograms of cocaine was located inside the tailgate. KCITF agents responded, downloaded and disseminated telephone intelligence. Through interviews and telephone analysis KCITF agents determined that the subject was the son of a previously arrested courier, who was arrested by the KHP on December 11, 2003, in possession of 24 kilograms of cocaine. This subject confessed to the facilitation of over 100 ten to 30 kilogram cocaine transactions with the same source of supply in Denver. This son utilized his Mother, to transport cocaine from Denver to his customer base in Washington D.C. In coordination with the SOD, the Denver DEA Division and the Washington DEA Division, both the source of supply and the intended recipients have been identified and face future federal indictment.

As a result of the information collected by the KCITF, the Denver Division initiated a Title III investigation that intercepted four separate telephone lines. The Washington, Chicago, Boston and Newark Divisions all continue to actively investigate this identified organization.

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Last Updated: February 7, 2005