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High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program
Annual Report 2004


     It is my pleasure to welcome those gathered for the seventh annual High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Conference in Washington, D.C. This past year, the HIDTA program continued to bring federal, state and local law enforcement together to make a measurable difference in disrupting the market for illegal drugs.

     Investigations into high level traffickers and seizures that disrupt drug trafficking organizations remain the hallmark of the program. A precondition of the HIDTA program being effective is the ability to get federal, state and local law enforcement to work together in a coordinated fashion. This in turn enhances the security of our country from threats both foreign and domestic, and serves as a model for other agencies.

     The coming year will see the introduction of the Performance Management Program (PMP), which will allow each of you to better measure the efficiency of your respective efforts. Also, we will have in place a financial database system to better facilitate the use of resources allocated to each HIDTA.

     As we gather to honor the achievements of individuals, groups and HIDTAs, I thank you for your fine work and wish you the best in the year ahead as we work together to disrupt the market for illegal drugs in our great Nation.

             John P. Walters


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Last Updated: February 7, 2005