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Alphabetical Listing: P

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P Peyote; PCP
P and P Methamphetamine used in combination with MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and Viagra
P-dogs Combination of cocaine and marijuana
P-dope 20-30% pure heroin
P-funk Crack mixed with PCP; heroin
P.R. Panama Red
Pack Marijuana; heroin
Pack a bowl Marijuana
Pack of rocks Marijuana cigarette
Pakaloco Marijuana ("crazy tobacco")
Pakalolo Marijuana
Pakistani black Marijuana
Panama cut Marijuana
Panama gold Marijuana
Panama red Marijuana
Panatella Large marijuana cigarette
Pancakes and syrup Combination of glutethimide and codeine cough syrup
Pane LSD
Pangonadalot Heroin
Panic Drugs not available
Paper A dosage unit of heroin; one-tenth of a gram or less of the drug ice or methamphetamine
Paper acid LSD
Paper bag Container for drugs
Paper blunts Marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing
Paper boy Heroin peddler
Papers Folded paper used to package drugs
Parabolin Oral steroids; veterinary steroid
Parachute Crack and PCP smoked; heroin; smokable crack and heroin mixture
Parachute down Use of MDMA after heroin
Paradise Cocaine
Paradise white Cocaine
Pariba Powder cocaine
Parlay Crack Cocaine
Parsley Marijuana combined with PCP
Party and play Methamphetamine used in combination with MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and Viagra
Party pack Combination of 2C-B (Nexus) with other illicit drugs, particulary MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine; ecstasy)
Paste Crack Cocaine
Pasto (Spanish) Marijuana
Pat Marijuana
Patico (Spanish) Crack Cocaine
Paz (Spanish) PCP
Peace PCP; LSD; MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)
Peace pill PCP
Peace tablets LSD
Peace weed PCP
Peaches Amphetamine
Peanut Depressants
Peanut butter Methamphetamine; PCP mixed with peanut butter
Pearl Cocaine
Pearls Amyl nitrite
Pearly gates LSD
Pebbles Crack Cocaine
Peddlar Drug supplier
Pee Wee Crack Cocaine; $5 worth of crack
Peep PCP
Peeper(s) MDMA user(s)
Peg Heroin
Pellets LSD
Pen yan Opium
Pep pills Amphetamine
Pepsi habit Occasional use of drugs
Perc-a-pop A berry-flavored lozenge containing fentanyl on a stick designed to give relief to cancer patients that is being illegally diverted
Percia Cocaine
Percio Cocaine
Perfect High Heroin
Perico (Spanish) Cocaine
Perlas (Spanish) Street dealer (heroin)
Perp Fake crack made of candle wax and baking soda
Peruvian Cocaine
Peruvian flake Cocaine
Peruvian lady Cocaine
Peter Depressants
Peter Pan PCP
Peth Depressant
Peyote Mescaline
Pharming Consuming a mixture of prescription substances
Phennies Depressants
Phenos Depressants
Philly blunts Marijuana
Pianoing Using the fingers to find lost crack
Picking Searching on hands and knees for cocaine or crack
Piece Cocaine; Crack Cocaine; 1 ounce
Piedra (Spanish) Crack Cocaine
Pig killer PCP
Piggybacking Simultaneous injection of 2 drugs; sequential use of more than one methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) tablet
Pikachu Pills containing PCP and Ecstasy
Piles Crack Cocaine
Pill houses Residences where pills are illicitly sold
Pill ladies Female senior citizens who sell OxyContin
Pills OxyContin
Pimp Cocaine
Pimp your pipe Lending or renting crack pipe or stem
Pin Marijuana
Pin gon Opium
Pin yen Opium
Ping-in-wing To inject a drug
Pingus Rohypnol
Pink Methamphetamine
Pink blotters LSD
Pink elephants Methamphetamine
Pink hearts Amphetamine; methamphetamine
Pink ladies Depressants
Pink panther LSD
Pink panthers Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Pink robots LSD
Pink wedges LSD
Pink witches LSD
Pipe Crack pipe; marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances
Pipero (Spanish) Crack user
Pits PCP
Pixies Amphetamine
Plant Hiding place for drugs
Playboy bunnies Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Playboys Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Pluto Heroin
Po coke Methamphetamine
Pocket rocket Marijuana; marijuana cigarette
Pod Marijuana
Point A needle
Poison Heroin; fentanyl
Poke Marijuana; to smoke marijuana
Pollutants Amphetamines; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Polo Mixture of heroin and motion sickness drug
Polvo (Spanish) Heroin; PCP
Polvo blanco (Spanish) Cocaine
Polvo de angel (Spanish) PCP
Polvo de estrellas (Spanish) PCP
Pony Crack Cocaine
Pony packs Folded paper used to package drugs
Poor man's coke Methamphetamine
Poor man's heroin Talwin and ritalin combination is injected and produces an effect similar to the effect of heroin mixed with cocaine.
Poor man's pot Inhalants
Pop To inhale cocaine; crack cocaine
Poppers Isobutyl nitrite; amyl nitrite; methamphetamine
Poppy Heroin
Poro Heroin plus PCP (phencyclidine)
Pot Marijuana
Potato LSD
Potato chips Crack cut with benzocaine
Potlikker Marijuana
Potten bush Marijuana
Powder Cocaine HCL; heroin; amphetamine
Powder diamonds Cocaine
Power puller Rubber piece attached to crack stem
Pox Opium
Predator Heroin
Premos Marijuana joints laced with crack cocaine
Prescription Marijuana cigarette
Press Cocaine; Crack Cocaine
Pretendica Marijuana
Pretendo Marijuana
Primbolin Injectable and oral steroids
Prime time Crack Cocaine
Primo Crack; marijuana mixed with cocaine; crack and heroin; heroin, cocaine and tobacco
Primo square A marijuana joint laced with crack
Primo turbo Combination of crack cocaine and marijuana
Primobolan Injectable and oral steroid
Primos Cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin
Product Crack Cocaine
Proviron Oral steroids
Pseudocaine Crack cocaine cut with phenylpropanolamine
Puff the dragon To smoke marijuana
Puffer Crack smoker
Puffy PCP
Pulborn Heroin
Pullers Crack users who pull at parts of their bodies excessively
Pumpers Steroids
Pumping Selling crack
Pure Heroin
Pure love LSD
Purple Ketamine
Purple barrels LSD
Purple caps Crack cocaine
Purple flats LSD
Purple gel tabs Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)
Purple haze LSD; crack cocaine; marijuana
Purple hearts LSD; amphetamine; depressants
Purple ozoline LSD
Purple rain PCP
Push Sell drugs
Push shorts To cheat; sell short amounts
Pusher Metal hanger or umbrella rod used to scrape residue out of crack stems; one who sells drugs

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Last Updated: April 6, 2005

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