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Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade


Topic: Drug Trade

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151 Crack Cocaine
2-for-1 sale A marketing scheme designed to promote and increase crack sales
Author Doctor who writes illegal prescriptions
Bag man Person who transports money; a person who supplies narcotics or other drugs, a pusher
Balloon Heroin supplier; a penny balloon that contains narcotics
BC bud Marijuana from British Columbia; synonymous with any high-grade marijuana from Canada
Beat artist Person selling bogus drugs
Beat vials Viles containing sham crack to cheat buyers
Big man Drug supplier
Blank Container of nonnarcotic powder that is sold as heroin
Body-packer Individual who ingests wrapped packets of crack or cocaine to transport
Body-stuffer Individual who ingests crack vials to avoid prosecution
Boxed In jail
Breakdown $40 of crack cocaine that can be broken down into $20 packages
Brewery Place where drugs are made
Broker Go between in a drug deal; heavy drug user
Buck Shoot someone in the head
Bull Narcotics agent or police officer
Burn transaction Selling a substance as a certain drug
Burned Purchase fake drugs
Busted Arrested
Candy sticks Marijuana cigarettes laced with powdered cocaine
Candyman Drug supplier
Cap up Transfer bulk form drugs to capsules
Clips Rows of vials heat-sealed together
Clocker Entry level crack dealers who sell drugs 24 hours a day.
Clocking paper Profits from selling drugs
Cluckers Middlemen who facilitate the connection between buyers and sellers
Come up A person who sells drugs for money; to take a small amount of money and increase to a large amount.
Connect Purchase drugs; supplier of illegal drugs
Cook Drug manufacturer; mix heroin with water; heating heroin to prepare it for injection
Cooker To inject a drug; person who manufactures methamphetamine
Cooking up To process powdered cocaine into crack.
Cop Obtain drugs
Copping zones Specific areas where buyers can purchase drugs
Crack gallery Place where crack is bought and sold
Crack house Place where crack is used
Crack spot Area where people can purchase crack; place where crack is sold, but not used
Crankster Someone who uses or manufatures methamphetamine
Cut Adulterate drugs
Diamond folds Folded paper used to package drugs
Dipping out Crack runners taking a portion of crack from vials
Dominican knot The torn and knotted corner of a baggie containing drugs
Double breasted dealing Dealing cocaine and heroin together
Double up When a crack dealer delivers an extra rock as a marketing ploy to attract customers
Drought Decrease in drug availability typically related to large law enforcement busts
Dub When a crack dealer delivers an extra rock as a marketing ploy to attract customers
Easy score Obtaining drugs without difficulties
El Gallo ("rooster") Marijuana
El Perico ("parrot") Cocaine
Elbows One pound of methamphetamine
Factory Place where drugs are packaged, diluted, or manufactured
Fall Arrested
Fingers The cut-off fingers of surgical gloves used to package drugs
Fleece Counterfeit crack cocaine
Freeze Cocaine; renege on a drug deal
Gangster Marijuana; person who uses or manufactures methamphetamine
Get a gift Obtain drugs
Get off houses Private places heroin users can purchase & use heroin for a fee
Get through Obtain drugs
Giro house Non-bank financial institutions for businesses frequently used by drug traffickers to launder drug proceeds
Go-between Intermediary between dealer and buyer
Good go Proper amount of drugs for the money paid
Gopher Person paid to pickup drugs
Got it going on Fast sale of drugs
Grow(s) Marijuana growing operations (indoor and outdoor)
Half elbows 1/2 pound of methamphetamine
Hand-to-hand Direct delivery and payment
Hand-to-hand man Transient dealers who carry small amounts of crack
Hawkers Individuals who walk through a setting (nightclub) announcing the availability of a drug (typically MDMA, GHB, or LSD)
Head shop Store specializing in the sale of drug paraphernalia
Heat The police or narcotics officers
Heeled Having plenty of money
Hustle Attempt to obtain drug customers
Hydrogrows Indoor marijuana growing operations
In Connected with drug suppliers
Juggle Sell drugs to another addict to support a habit
Juggler Teen-aged street dealer
Jumbos Large vials of crack sold on the streets; marijuana mixed with crack
K-lots Bags of 1,000 MDMA pills
Kester plant Drugs hidden in the rectum
Kissing The exchange of plastic wrapped rocks (crack) by kissing or through mouth to mouth transfer
La Chiva ("goat") Heroin
Lettuce Money
Macaroni and Cheese $5 pack of marijuana and a dime bag of cocaine
Make up Need to find more drugs
Merchandise Drugs
Mule Carrier of drugs
Nailed Arrested
On ice In jail
One on one house Where cocaine and heroin can be purchased
One plus one sales Selling cocaine and heroin together
One-stop shop Place where more than one drug is sold
Paper boy Heroin peddler
Papers Folded paper used to package drugs
Peddlar Drug supplier
Perlas (Spanish) Street dealer (heroin)
Pill houses Residences where pills are illicitly sold
Pill ladies Female senior citizens who sell OxyContin
Point A needle
Pony packs Folded paper used to package drugs
Pumping Selling crack
Push Sell drugs
Push shorts To cheat; sell short amounts
Pusher Metal hanger or umbrella rod used to scrape residue out of crack stems; one who sells drugs
Rap Criminally charged; to talk with someone
Raspberry Female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Rider 5 kilograms of heroin sometimes provided at no cost per 100 kilograms of cocaine imported from Colombia
Rock house Place where crack is sold and smoked
Rock star Female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack; a person who uses rock cocaine
Rollers Police
Runners People who sell drugs for others; adolescents who act as liaisons between sellers and buyers
Sam Federal narcotics agent
Sancocho (Spanish) To steal
Satch Papers, letter, cards, clothing, etc., saturated with drug solution (Used to smuggle drugs into prisons or hospitals)
Score Purchase drugs
Scratch Money
Server Crack dealer
Set Place where drugs are sold; Talwin and ritalin combination is injected and produces an effect similar to the effect of heroin mixed with cocaine.
Shoppers Individuals who buy drugs for others, sometimes keeping some of the drug for themselves
Stash areas Drug storage and distribution areas
Steerer Person who directs customers to spots for buying crack; worker who directs buyers to where drugs are sold
Step on Dilute drugs
Strawberry LSD; female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Swallower An individual used as a drug courier
Taste Heroin; small sample of drugs
Taxing Price paid to enter a crackhouse; charging more per vial depending on race of customer or if not a regular customer
Tester Individual who is given a drug early in the day by a dealer and then spreads the word about the drug throughout the rest of the day
Thoroughbred Drug dealer who sells pure narcotics
Toss up Crack Cocaine; female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Tout Person who introduces buyers to sellers
Touter Person who stands on the street and advertises a drug
Trapped vehicles Vehicles with secret compartments used to conceal drugs
Travel agent LSD supplier
Trey Small rock of crack cocaine
Triple folds Folded paper used to package drugs
Turf Place where drugs are sold
Uncle Federal agents
Wasted Under the influence of drugs; murdered
Whites Amphetamine; folded paper used to package drugs
Working Selling crack
Zoomer Individual who sells fake crack and then flees

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Last Updated: April 6, 2005

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