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Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade


Drug Type: Opium

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A-bomb Marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium
Ah-pen-yen Opium
Aunti Opium
Aunti Emma Opium
Back jack Injecting opium; to inject a drug
Big O Opium
Black Marijuana; opium; methamphetamine
Black hash Opium mixed with hashish
Black pill Opium pill
Black Russian Opium mixed with hashish
Black stuff Heroin; opium
Buddha Potent marijuana spiked with opium
Chandoo/chandu Opium
Chillum An object used to smoke opium, hashish, and marijuana
Chinese molasses Opium
Chinese tobacco Opium
Chocolate Marijuana; opium; amphetamine
Cruz (Spanish) Opium from Veracruz, Mexico
Dopium Opium
Dover's deck Opium
Dover's powder Opium
Dream gun Opium
Dream stick Opium
Dreams Opium
Easing powder Opium
Fi-do-nie Opium
Gee Opium
God's medicine Opium
Goma (Spanish) Black tar heroin plus opium
Gondola Opium
Gong Marijuana; opium
Goric Opium
Great tobacco Opium
Gum Opium; methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
Guma Opium
Hard stuff Heroin; opium
Hocus Marijuana; opium
Hop/hops Opium
Indonesian bud Marijuana; opium
Joy plant Opium
Midnight oil Opium
Mira (Spanish) Opium
Mud Heroin plus opium
O Opium
O.P. Opium
Ope Opium
Pen yan Opium
Pin gon Opium
Pin yen Opium
Pox Opium
Skee Opium
Tar Crack and heroin smoked together; heroin; opium
Toxy Opium
Toys Opium
When-shee Opium
Yen Shee Suey Opium wine
Ze Opium
Zero Opium

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Last Updated: April 6, 2005

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