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National Drug Control Strategy
FY 2006 Budget Summary

February 2005

National Drug Control Strategy: FY 2006 Budget Summary
(PDF 1.1 mb)

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        Table of Contents

Cover (PDF 128 kb)

I. Executive Summary (PDF 53 kb)

II. Drug Control Funding Tables (PDF 86 kb)

III. Agency Budget Summaries

       Department of Defense (PDF 74 kb)
       Department of Education (PDF 60 kb)
       Department of Health and Human Services (PDF 143 kb)
       Department of Homeland Security (PDF 177 kb)
       Department of Justice (PDF 217 kb)
       Office of National Drug Control Policy (PDF 154 kb)
       Department of State (PDF 74 kb)
       Department of Transportation (PDF 53 kb)
       Department of Treasury (PDF 40 kb)
       Department of Veterans Affairs (PDF 60 kb)
       U.S. Small Business Administration (PDF 50 kb)

Last Updated: March 8, 2005

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