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When we fight drugs, we fight the war on terror.
—President Bush

President Bush watches VACIS scanning trucks at border with Mexico

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CTAC'S Mission

Article 1: Technology Transfer Program

Article 2: Counterdrug and Counterterror

Article 3: Winning with the Technology Transfer Program

Article 4: Wireless Interoperability to the Rescue

Article 5: Training; Law Enforcement R&D;

Article 6: DENS—Drug Evaluation Network System

Article 7: Medical Research

Article 8: Message from ONDCP Director John Walters

John Walters, Director, Office of National Drug Control Policy

CTAC's Director Al Brandenstein and I began formulating the broad vision of how we might best bring advanced technology into the fight against drug abuse and drug crime more than a decade ago. It is very gratifying for me to see how far along CTAC has come in carrying out that vision.

One of CTAC's missions is to test and evaluate technologies other federal agencies are considering purchasing for their use in the fight against drugs. After carefully testing the Vehicle and Cargo Inspection Systems, CTAC gave the U.S. Customs Service a very positive review and the government purchased them.

VACIS uses gamma rays to quickly probe trucks and trains for bombs and drugs

These remarkable machines are at work today at major ports of entry, scanning cargo containers, trucks and trains, looking for contraband of all kinds, including drugs and weapons of terror.In late March of this year, President Bush went to the border at El Paso and watched a VACIS machine in operation.

Last Updated: August 29, 2002

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