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[ Training Against Drugs and Terror ]
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CTAC'S Mission

Article 1: Technology Transfer Program

Article 2: Counterdrug and Counterterror

Article 3: Winning with the Technology Transfer Program

Article 4: Wireless Interoperability to the Rescue

Article 5: Training; Law Enforcement R&D;

Article 6: DENSóDrug Evaluation Network System

Article 7: Medical Research

Article 8: Message from ONDCP Director John Walters

Meeting in Orlando in the last week of March, 2002, almost 800 state, county, and city narcotics police officers from 49 states received Technology Transfer Program training in the use of counterdrug systems and devices that can also help them deter acts of terrorism in their own communities. Many officers attending the largest training in CTAC's history said counterterrorism is now their first priority and they are working closely with Federal agencies.

[ Law Enforcement Research & Development ]

Research and development for next-generation counterdrug systems and devices is underway in private industry, at other federal agencies (whose work in this area CTAC coordinates), and at CTAC's Test Beds.

The Communications and Sensors Test Bed

  • Surveillance and Tracking Sensors
  • Communications Intercepts
  • Facial Recognition Software

The Information Technology Test Bed

  • Partnered with FBI's Information Resources Division
  • Creating and evaluating powerful advanced case management systems
  • Systems detect crime patterns, analyze crimes
CTAC also sponsors
  • Non-intrusive inspection research to develop a neutron probe that can quickly detect contraband in sacks of grain and other commodities
  • Chemical research to render useless for drug dealers the ammonia rich fertilizers they often steal from farmers to "cook" methamphetamine
  • Testing with the Coast Guard of a number of small UAV video transmitting surveillance drone aircraft to assist in narcotics enforcement operations

Last Updated: August 29, 2002

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