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[ DENSóDrug Evaluation Network System ]
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óDigital, Virtually Real-Time Information for Policymakers and Treatment Providers

National Drug Control Policy Director John Walters in drug impacted inner city Philadelphia neighborhood en route to acclaimed Project HOME treatment center
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CTAC'S Mission

Article 1: Technology Transfer Program

Article 2: Counterdrug and Counterterror

Article 3: Winning with the Technology Transfer Program

Article 4: Wireless Interoperability to the Rescue

Article 5: Training; Law Enforcement R&D;

Article 6: DENSóDrug Evaluation Network System

Article 7: Medical Research

Article 8: Message from ONDCP Director John Walters

DENS Ends the Guesswork and Helps Heal

  • Tracks Drug Use Patterns Across America
  • Analyzes new intake prisoner/patient info transmitted digitally to DENS from drug courts and from local, state and federal drug treatment centers
  • Patients' privacy protected

  • Gives treatment centers software that speeds effective evaluation of new patients' needs resulting in more effective treatment in less time
  • Integrates ONDCP's new Random Access Monitoring of Narcotics Abusers (RAMONA) system, expected to give policy makers much more accurate count of hard core drug abusers
  • Created by highly regarded treatment experts Herb Kleber, MD of Columbia University in New York and Dr. A. Thomas McLellan of the University of Pennsylvania's Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia, where DENS is based
  • Future DENS output: Evaluating effectiveness of wide range of treatment modalities and programs within context of evolving drug abuse trends.

Dr. McLellan

Dr. Kleber

Last Updated: August 29, 2002

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