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[ Winning with the Technology Transfer Program ]
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CTAC'S Mission

Article 1: Technology Transfer Program

Article 2: Counterdrug and Counterterror

Article 3: Winning with the Technology Transfer Program

Article 4: Wireless Interoperability to the Rescue

Article 5: Training; Law Enforcement R&D;

Article 6: DENS´┐ŻDrug Evaluation Network System

Article 7: Medical Research

Article 8: Message from ONDCP Director John Walters

Digital wiretap system slams drug dealers in Oklahoma and New York. Overwhelming evidence presented to defense attorneys results in guilty pleas.

  • Cuts paperwork by 90 percent
  • Reduces staff requirements

Tracking and Surveillance System leads California State Task Force to hundreds of kilos of cocaine and tons of marijuana

  • System designed for FBI tracks numerous vehicles simultaneously
  • Same version available through Technology Transfer Program


Thermal Imager Strips Away Darkness

  • Marijuana grow houses taken down: Pierce County, Washington Sheriff's officers routinely obtained warrants prior to Supreme Court ruling mandating warrants
  • Arrests in plain sight: midnight boat delivery from Mexico to dealers in Texas yields major seizure, arrests by local police using thermal imager
  • Officer Safety improved: Mexican drug cartel gunmen stopped threatening officers on the U.S. side of the border after Brownsville, TX PD received thermal imager from CTAC and publicized the capability

Last Updated: August 29, 2002

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